Monthly Archives: June 2018

Medicare Expanding Benefits for Chronically Ill

The Trump Administration and Congress have come together to expand benefits for chronically ill older Americans. Specifically people with multiple long-term illnesses. Solutions include nutrition, transportation, and housing. For more information please see The New York Times.

Medicaid Overhaul by States

States are increasing waiver requests to help modify their Medicaid programs. Waivers include work requirements and funding for mental health. Please see FierceHealthcare for more information.

Washington’s Exchange Rates Expected to Increase 19% on Average for 2019

Seventy-four health plans were filed for Washington State’s 2019 individual and family health insurance market. The average rate increase across the plans is 19.08%. Eleven insurers filed the plans. There will be no counties without insurers for 2019, though 14 will only have one option. You can read more here.